Saturday, September 12, 2009

Evidence I’ve (hopefully temporarily) lost it

So it’s been like a month, or a year, or a decade – I’m not sure – since I posted last. I doesn’t really matter since I’ve really only posted like 10 times since I started this blog a few months back…. Oh yeah and I have no readers J

It’s been a bit crazy around here trying to get ready for the wedding. Here’s a nice little recap of my week:

Crazy 16 hour sob-fest over stress and money

Washed my cell phone in the washing machine

Friday morning
Realized on my way out the door to work that I left my keys in my sister’s car the night before. Had to ask house-guest groomsman to drive me to said sister’s car in the hippy van. Couldn’t figure out how to work hippy van. Drove all the way to sister’s car with the windshield wipers going on the most beautiful September morning I think I’ve ever been alive for.

Friday afternoon
Went home early to work on wedding stuff. Ended up watching hours of reality TV and eating cookies.

Friday evening
Got some wedding stuff done.

Friday night
Watched A LOT more reality TV.

Saturday morning
Spent an hour laying in bed reading old Sex and the City blog posts from TWO YEARS AGO on my blackberry. I kind of looked like one of those made-for-TV-movie moms who just watch TV and drink while their babies are screaming in the background. Only I was even too lazy to move to the TV and my babies were actually tiny dogs running around barking like the house was being invaded.

And now…
Back to reality. Well, completely bizarre one-week-to-the-wedding, bridal reality.