Tuesday, June 16, 2009


OK, so it's been a little while since I've posted, but I haven't forgotten about you, dear internet.

Since the last time I posted, a lot's been going on. 

Britney's growing and Griffey's growing more used to her. Sometimes, they even sleep next to each other for like 5 WHOLE MINUTES! It is adorable beyond words.

Griffey saved us from C's car getting broken into. C and I swore at them out our bedroom windows in the middle of the night and they ran away.

C went fishing and filled our freezer with salmon. Yuck, I mean YUM! :)

I've been working like crazy, hosted a bridal shower (not mine) and am the maid-of-honor in Suzanna's wedding this weekend...shared with Alissa, but she's married now, so she's the MATRON-of-honor - HAHA :)

It's really starting to feel like the wedding is coming up quickly now. Once Suzanna gets married, I think it'll really hit me. I've been so focused on she and Alissa's that I just keep thinking "Mine's not for a while! They have to do their first." But we're almost done with that, and my wedding website says we only have 95 days left! YAY!!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Our little police dog

So Griffey barks like a maniac pretty much every night in our bedroom. I get up most of the time and see a cat walking by or a squirrel or sometimes nothing at all. For some reason though, C knows when his barks are real "There are bad guys walking around outside" barks.

Thursday night while we were sleeping, Griffey started going crazy. C woke up and looked outside and there were two guys walking by. I got up to take the puppies out for some mid-sleeping potty time and noted it was 3:38 a.m. When we got back upstairs C asked if the truck that was parked next to our house had been there when we went to bed. I told him it wasn't and started spying into the back of the truck from the upstairs window. I saw one of the kids come back to the truck and drive away. We all laid back down in bed.

A few minutes later I heard another car coming down the street and said "What the heck are all these people doing driving around at 3:30 on weeknight?" We heard the car park and a door close. I got up to see what was going on and the kids had driven back, gotten out the truck and were shining a flashlight into C's car. Before I could alert him, C was already yelling at the kids to leave. They started running to the truck and I shouted at them as well for good measure.

Thanks to Griffey, another T-town robbery has been averted!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Morning routine

So I took a long shower this morning thinking "Ya know, this may not be so bad after all, having two puppies in the house."

But then they became suspiciously quiet, so I hurried my way through the last few minutes of the shower. I jumped out, dried myself off and walked to the door of the bathroom. They both looked up at me with the most precious, innocent eyes like "What?"

Britney had a phone charger hanging out of her mouth that she had bitten down to the wire you're not supposed to see and Griffey was right behind her standing in the epicenter of the sponge he had stolen from the kitchen sink and torn to shreds. Anyone who knows Griffey, also knows he unknowingly had a huge chunk of said sponge hanging from his beard.