Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Girls v. Boys

There's been a lot of girls versus boys in the house since we got little Britney. She and Griffey have already some hilarious throw-downs!

Unfortunately, C had a family issue arise and had to go to San Francisco yesterday. My sister watched the dogs all day since she had the day off and we decided she should spend the night with me since C was out of town. Here's how the conversation went last night:

Me: I think my sister might sleep here so the dogs stay used to having 2 people in the bed.

C: Seriously? You're going to have your sister sleep with you? They're not going to always have 2 people sleeping in the bed you know?

Me: Yeah, what? Do you not want her to?

C: No, I don't care. Whatever. Girls are weird like that.


  1. Why do you just call Calvin "C"? Are you trying to protect his identity? And what about what a fantastic aunt I was on day one of BritNGrif?

  2. I call him C because he doesn't want me to use his name. He thinks I'm all of sudden going to have an extremely popular blog that everyone reads and he doesn't want to become a celebrity :)

    And as for the fantastic aunt...we all love her and are THRILLED she was there to help us adjust to the early stages of life with puppy.