Tuesday, June 16, 2009


OK, so it's been a little while since I've posted, but I haven't forgotten about you, dear internet.

Since the last time I posted, a lot's been going on. 

Britney's growing and Griffey's growing more used to her. Sometimes, they even sleep next to each other for like 5 WHOLE MINUTES! It is adorable beyond words.

Griffey saved us from C's car getting broken into. C and I swore at them out our bedroom windows in the middle of the night and they ran away.

C went fishing and filled our freezer with salmon. Yuck, I mean YUM! :)

I've been working like crazy, hosted a bridal shower (not mine) and am the maid-of-honor in Suzanna's wedding this weekend...shared with Alissa, but she's married now, so she's the MATRON-of-honor - HAHA :)

It's really starting to feel like the wedding is coming up quickly now. Once Suzanna gets married, I think it'll really hit me. I've been so focused on she and Alissa's that I just keep thinking "Mine's not for a while! They have to do their first." But we're almost done with that, and my wedding website says we only have 95 days left! YAY!!!!

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