Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Kris Wycoff

After cleaning up the toilet paper tornado that hit our bathroom today, I came to a realization. Actually, it was more like I was finally able to put to words what I have been thinking for weeks now:

Welcoming Britney Spears to our family has been less like having a 2nd baby and more like permanently adopting Kris Wycoff.

Kris Wycoff was my brother's best friend growing up. He was an adorable kid to look at - short, blond, big glasses, cute as can be. But boy was he a terror! Whenever he was over, he'd get my brother into the most hilarious and naughty situations. My brother was just fine at being a boy, in my opinion. Cutting off my Barbies' hair, dirtying up the house, yelling, playing basketball indoors... but Kris Wycoff really knew how to take things to the next level in naughty boy world.

The same goes for Griffey and Britney. By no means am I denying Griffey did his fair share of naughty things because I have cried over waaaay to many shoes to let that be misunderstood. But with Britney here, it's like he's learning all new ways to drive me crazy! One timely example being the previous post with the toilet paper all over the bathroom. Griffey never knew you could grab one square of toilet paper and create an entire's day worth of fun.

Now I'm sure Griffey is secretly teaching Britney just as many dirty tricks and my brother taught Kris back in the day, but he's just more sly about it. And just as my brother has never let on how much damage he did on his own and blamed more than his fair share on his fair-haired devil friend, I know Griffey will never let on what he's shown Brit. I guess that's what brothers do.

Oh yeah and when my brother and Kris put on every single article of clothing they owned to make a rap video by fat people, Kris couldn't get the clothes off quickly enough and peed his pants. Britney does that all the time too.