Wednesday, July 8, 2009


One day, several years ago, our family was having dinner and one of us mentioned always seeing this family of curly-cue redheads walking down the same strip of road near our house. There were three stair-step kids and a mom. The rest of us each had their own shocked reaction of "I always see them there too!!!" It was bizarre. All of us had our own private laughs when we drove by this family totally unaware that we all had the exact same experiences.

From then on, we've always reported back our sightings of The Redheads. I have had the most up-close experience with The Redheads. I was playing tennis at a park near our house and the whole family of little Redheads came around the corner. I was dumbfounded. I had never seen them outside of my car before and they were SO CLOSE. Then, one of them came up to me and asked me where the playground was. It was amazing! They spoke to me! Of course, I immediately called home to brag about it.

Yesterday, my mom (a banker) texted all of us to say The Redheads had come into the bank. She suggested I write a blog about redheads, and I had to ask if she meant redheads in general or a blog all about The Redheads. She said redheads in general, but regular updates on The Redheads would be most appropriate.

Now, I don't think I have enough material yet to blog about redheads alone, so now, thanks to my  mom, you can all expect to receive general redhead updates on this one.

In closing, here's a snippet of a conversation often heard around these parts:

Me: Our kids are gonna look like Little Orphan Annie

C: Yeah right, more like Problem Child!

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  1. Little Orphan Annie Rocks! And what a great name....hint, hint.