Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hot dog! Summer in the City

In the Northwest, no one and I mean NO ONE has air conditioning, and none of us are used to heat at all. Pretty much, we're all wimps. As for my family... wimp does not begin to describe it! 

Last night might have been the longest night of my entire life. We had someone spend the night, so Griffey was in extreme guard dog mode. He barked at cats across the street, people 15 blocks away, the wind, the heat, God, his imagination,  everything.

At one point, he was eerily quiet. I hoped (knowing I was foolishly dreaming) that he had just decided to sleep downstairs. Maybe it was cooler down there? After a few seconds, I got up and checked on him. He was not downstairs sleeping like the angel I had been picturing. He was, in fact, laying in the hallway eating chocolate lube.

No, I'm not that cool... or crazy. I do not buy lube, or chocolate lube, or talk about it on the internet. It was my bachelorette party last Saturday night and I got the tasty treat from a close friend. I don't think she envisioned Griffey mowing it down in the hallway when she bought it, but really that's the only thing it'd ever get used for. So what I guess I'm trying to say is, "Thank you Caylin, your present was very thoughtful and has been put to good use."

So how are we trying to beat the heat tonight? Well I moved the hugest fan ever produced up to the bedroom this afternoon. Moving it alone made me need to take a shower. It's pointing at what normally is my side of the bed, but since it's near the window, it's currently C's side. Please say a little prayer for me tonight asking that C not roll over every time Griffey barks to say "Babe. I'm really hot."

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