Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bridezilla rant #1

I haven't really written anything about our upcoming wedding on here and I've kind of been avoiding it. Where do I start? What should I say? How do I write about it without being annoying? Well, I guess I'm throwing that out the window today and going a little Bridezilla on your ass! :)

My dad set me with up a friend of his who works for a party rental place. I went to visit three weeks ago and got really excited. Everything looked gorgeous and fun and wedding-y. I told the guy I'd email him my needs/wants and ask for a quote. He emailed back the very next day and said, "I'm sorry but I forgot the date of your wedding. Just let me know that and I can put in your order."

WHOA hold your horses there mister man! I don't want you to put in an order for anything until I get a quote. Now, of course I was much more diplomatic than that in my email and politely asked if he'd send me a quote before placing any orders. 

Two weeks go by and I hear nothing back. I email him again saying "Hey, just checking in on this quote." Still, nothing.

So this past Monday morning I called him on the phone. He told me my paperwork was literally on the top of his pile and asked if I'd give him until the end of the day to send it to me. "Of course!" I said. "I'm looking forward to it."

Three days later, still nothing. ARGGGGG


  1. That is so very obnoxious. When I encounter these people, I think about if I did my job so poorly. I mean, seriously!

  2. Have my mom call. She is what I would call "amazingly assertive" (don't ask for the real term) with these types of things.